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Tara Nieves Green

breathwork practitioner,
reiki master,
intuitive healer,
essential oil wellness advocate


Tara Nieves, MS combines her training and experience in Breathwork, essential oils, Movement Based Learning, and a variety of energy healing modalities to support clients on their paths to optimum health and the feeling of peace and personal empowerment. She honors that every person is unique and customizes each session to best support their individual needs. She founded Breath Awakening, a private practice centered on personal transformation through breath and intuitive energetic healing in 2003.  As a Breathwork Practitioner and Energy Healer, Tara attended The Power of Breath Institute’s two-year certification training and Earth Circle Institute’s two-year Spiritual Leadership Training. For more information about Tara and her offerings, please visit www.breathawakening.com

Liz Lops




Dr. Lops is a licensed clinical psychologist who provides psychological and behavioral treatment to individuals with a broad range of developmental, behavioral, learning, and emotional challenges. She has a particular interest in working with individuals with anxiety related disorders, self-regulation challenges, and complex medical backgrounds. She specializes in cognitive-behavior and acceptance and commitment based therapies and incorporates mindfulness based practices into much of her work. She provides individual, family-based, and group therapy services to children, adolescents, and young adults. In addition, Dr. Lops provides school consultations and parent guidance services.

Melissa Glynn-Hyman




Melissa Glynn-Hyman is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker with over seventeen years of clinical experience providing counseling and therapeutic support to children, adolescents, adults and families. Melissa received her Master’s in Social Work degree from the Simmons College School of Social Work with additional specialized training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for the treatment of anxiety disorders, depressive disorders, PTSD, and conduct disorders.
Personal experiences with Lyme/PANS led to Melissa’s exploration and understanding of the disease and how it effects both the person living with it and those around them.  Since 2014, Melissa has been the Co-Vice President of the New England PANS/PANDAS Association, an organization that educates and helps families gain access to support.

Tammy Ruggiero

Certified Health Coach


Tammy is a certified health coach and has been learning about the body mind connection since 2012.  She loves functional medicine. She believes in the power of food; that all is connected; body, mind & spirit; that to feel healthy, vibrant and connected, we need to make conscious choices in every moment. She is still evolving. The self love, self discovery, self care journey never ends. In fact, for her, it is all about the journey.  Does she struggle and make choices that do not serve her? ABSOLUTELY.   She is human. But once she is aware…She makes  a conscious choice to take action that shifts her mindset and settles her heart and mind.
You, and only you,  have the power to create a full and vibrant life. 
She is here to educate, empower, hold space for you and inspire you.  

To learn more about Tammy visit her website.

Samantha Carney

energy medicine practitioner

intuitive healer



Sam offers her services as an energy medicine practitioner and intuitive healer. Her life purpose is to help people, especially women and teenage girls, to discover their own potential and to fully step into their essence confidently by simply being themselves.

Graduating from Bridgewater State University with a BA in Health Studies and studying different forms of modern energy medicine and western herbalism for 9 years, Sam has dedicated herself to researching, practicing, and sharing holistic wellness tools that have disappeared from our culture. She believes these tools and insights are vital for the development of self mastery.

Today Sam is developing her own energy-based healing techniques, programs and retreats for women and teenagers to illuminate their energetic gifts, to increase their self-confidence and to nourish their mind body relationship. Her goal as a practitioner is to be mindful in creating a safe and loving container for all to be seen, accepted, and loved - fully, as we are.

Sheila Durkin

Awakening and Healing Facilitator

Spiritual Guide


My life's journey to awaken spiritually and heal in All ways (emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually), has created in me an unwavering desire to guide others on Their journey. All of my life's experiences and challenges, as well as 15 years of spiritual studies, research and healing work have enabled me to guide others with deep compassion, unconditional Love and wisdom. My mission is to help people to become empowered through self-love. I believe that finding our way to True self-love, self-worth and self-grace is how we create the Peace, Joy and Love that we All want. As we awaken and heal ourselves, we become a guiding light for others, each playing a part in the healing of our world!



Extensive research on healing through nutrition

Theta Healing

Krysten Carey, ABT


Flower Essence Practitioner

(617) 872-8588

Krysten understands a healthy mind, body and soul connection is paramount in living and feeling a healthy, vibrant and authentic life. She has been studying, learning about, and offering holistic healing for over 27 years. 
She is a 2009 graduate of Acupressure Therapy Institute where she learned the 2,500+ year old ancient healing art of Acupressure. She is also a 2019 graduate of Hippocrates Health Institute Life Transformation Program. Krysten is currently studying to become a flower essence practitioner, a form of vibrational plant medicine.
Her 5 year journey with Lyme Disease and coinfections has taught her knowledge, compassion and patience on how to live and survive in a healthy way with chronic illness. Krysten’s loving and compassionate spirit allows people of all ages to feel safe and nurtured during their session.
Her life purpose is to help those on their journey in creating their own personal healing path, so they may come to a place of vibrant healing and balance in body, mind and soul.


(781) 724-6510

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